Late Bloomer

by Late Bloomer

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released March 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Late Bloomer Charlotte, North Carolina

Josh Robbins- Bass
Neil Mauney- Guitar
Scott Wishart- Drums

*We all sing*

New LP coming soon on 6131 Records.


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Track Name: Reality
I don't even know if its cold outside
I don't even know how to feel
I don't even know if there's tears in my eyes
I don't even know if I'm real

I don't know if I'm smiling
Because I can't feel my face
I don't know if I fit in
Because I don't know my place

Hold on to that
The feelings you used to get
Hold on to that
The feelings you used to get

The chances that I don't exist
Increase everyday
Waiting for it all to crack
Air to get sucked out
Track Name: Precious Moments
Precious Moments bible laying near my head
Precious Moments bible helps me go to bed
Little baby angels help me go to sleep
When I finally drift off, man it's really deep

What I need is solitude
What I need is time
What I need is what I need
What I need is what I need

Precious Moments bible with me all the time
Precious Moments bible keeps me in line
When you don't pray for things that you can't see
My very special bible is all I need

Am I worth saving, I don't think so
If I died right now where would I go?
I'm a man without a country, nowhere to be
If I walked the straight path, it sure isn't me

Precious moments bible

What I need
Track Name: Sunglasses
I'm kind of above the influence
I saw the commercial, but I wasn't in. I wasn't into it.
I'm not cool enough, no I never was.
Heard you heard the new record, but you just weren't into it.

I don't steal for anyone
I don't need to be set free
I wear sunglasses to block out your shit

I tried so hard just to fit in with the trendsetters
with disheveled hair, they weren't into it.
Sit down comedian of this scene, Carlos Mencia would not believe
I found my way over this
Track Name: White Lines
Seventy miles an hour
With my head cut off
I'm spinning in circles
I feel like I'm lost

White lines
On the mirror
White lines
Down my face
White Lines
I've made a mistake

God turned up the turbo
Fucking everything in sight
My heart is pounding
Who knows if I'll live tonight

White lines
Losing friends
White lines
Lost it all again
White lines
Starting to see a trend

I’m so glad I’ve got rich parents
Bail me out
Misdirected, piece of shit, waste of space
End me now

White lines
Track Name: Wherever
I can take you
Wherever you want to go
But I can't make you
Stay with me

I can stand back
Watch you hurt yourself
Nothing I can do
To make you see

What will it take me
To make you realize
What will it take you to see
Track Name: Tooth Decay
Got a new pair of shoes today
I took a long walk
Got away from town
I swore I'd never stop

No more tooth decay

Then I saw a peace
Right in front of me
You gotta see it up close
Not on that damn telescope

No more tooth decay

Nice brand new car
It gets you around
Why do I laugh, you ask
Cuz everything is my joke

No more tooth decay
Track Name: Wearing Thin
Confidence is wearing thin
Nowadays I don't fit in
Confidence is gone
I never had it all along

It's wearing thin
It wearing thin, today

I’m self-conscious and a mess
I'm not acting my best
This isn't me at my worst
But I’m pretty damn close

It's wearing thin
It wearing thin, today
Track Name: Disappear
There's not enough time to worry
Not enough hours in the day
You could live a whole life
Just worrying what people say

Time left it takes
Just more time to break
Time left it takes
More time to fall

In your inner circle
things sometimes are said
You can make it a problem
or just move ahead

You can't keep taking away
it's just a waste
Track Name: Sparrows
Sorry I did everything I did.
Sorry excuse of a life to live.
What will happen when I'm gone?
What will happen when you move on?
Seemed so simple at the time - I don't understand my mind.
And then I lost all direction, so I had to prove to myself that I was worthless.
A sparrow flies until that sparrow dies to escape the lies.
I fucked up, and I'll fuck up again.
Everyone makes mistakes and I made most of them.
Track Name: Homebodies
You have all your siblings
with hair-dyed hair and tall shoes
You have too many siblings
and none of them look like you

But I have my only son
He walks on water just for fun

Now look at all the cool guys
Showing off all their deep tattoos
Pots and pans hanging from your earlobes
Man, I wish that I could be that cool

But I have my only son
He walks on water just for fun
I have my only son
He walks on water just for fun

But they find friends like me and you
They find friends like me and you