Closer to the Grave

by Late Bloomer


Closer to the Grave: 15 Years of Tor Johnson Records

Side A
Saint Jude – “A Mightier Disaster”
Tyler Daniel Bean – “Gardening & Everything Involved Therein”
Bloodpheasant – “The Field Where I Died”
Death To Tyrants – “Sparrow Night”
Furnace – “Blue Iberia”

Side B
Sea Of Storms – “On The Way Home”
Lunglust – “No Holiday”
Late Bloomer – “Don’t Save Me”
Aneurysm – “She’s Drugs”
Ratstab – “Get The Glory”


releases July 29, 2017

The Late Bloomer track, "Don't Save Me," is an unreleased track from the same sessions that brought you the 2014 LP, "Things Change."



Late Bloomer Charlotte, North Carolina

Josh Robbins- Bass
Neil Mauney- Guitar
Scoot Wishart- Drums

*We all sing*

New LP coming soon on 6131 Records.


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